Oldsmobile Heritage Website
Ensure that a look at the past becomes a touchstone for the future.
35+ Dating
Print Ads
Adopt a playful attitude to connect with the single thirty-something.
Holt Renfrew
Flash Intro
Promote the launch of spring fashion; think Cinderella goes Goth.
The Home Depot
LCD Screen for In-store Kiosk
Attract attention to an in-store kiosk by promoting a truly hands-on experience.
Gore Workwear Global Website
Convince professionals with high-risk jobs to invest in quality gear.
My IMAX: Your Think Big Ezine
Promote audience/brand interaction with interesting, relevant content.
Hanson Brick
Print Ads
Differentiate a commodity manufacturer by drawing attention to customer service.
Beauty Facts eNewsletter
Communicate to an umbrella corporation how web 2.0 is changing the marketplace.